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surgical mask making


We don’t advocate worship or excessive pursuit of money, but the profit of $20,000-60,000 a day is indeed rare in decades.

When earning $60,000 in one day, it’s easy to buy a machine at $200,000 and get the investment back within 3 days. China price of mask making machines in stock has risen to more than $200,000, but it is still hard to find a machine in stock.

During the two-month period of the epidemic, a 175*95mm mask was equivalent to a 135*63mm 5RMB banknote. Mask making machine equal to banknote printing machine. Absolute the supplier market it is!


You help the urgent needs of the countries!

As long as you have the production capacity of masks, you become a VIP of your city mayor. If you were in China, the mayor will help you with all necessary resource.

Our aim is to protect ourselves and our family in our mother country. In the face of such an epidemic, we could make some fast money, but indeed we contribute to epidemic prevention.


Some view form Chinese People

China’s previous COVID-19 locked all Chinese at home 2 months. Chinese and overseas Chinese understand COVID-19 deeper than people in any other country. They also see business opportunities very differently.

According to the Chinese experience, there is bound to be a huge gap between mask supply and demand in many countries.

The scarcity of masks in China has led to a boom in mask production. State-owned resources deployed Sinopec to launch new melt blown lines with an annual output of 14,400 tons, and a lot of private spontaneous production, automatic machines, and manual welding were erected. All these promote mask production capacity to 200 million pieces / day, which is still not enough yet.

About 70% of China’s mask production capacity was exported before COVID-19. The global market’s masks will definitely fall into a deadlock if they can’t be imported from China.

As the Italian health official said, “It’s not that we didn’t force everyone to wear a mask, it ’s that we don’t have it.”The U.S. government has called on local companies to produce masks locally, but the feedback was negative: all mask parts and machines need to be imported from China.

Empty window period

Of course, when supply and demand are balanced, prices will definitely fall. But we focus onto the “empty window period” in your country and what you can do during this time period.

Golden Time

Does it sound Easy?

I have several machines in stock!
It can run stably!
You pay!
Send by air!
Only after you start mask production, you have right to choose to be snobbish or noble, or both!

Some questions here!

Engineer cannot go to install the machine at site. Whose machine can run stably without engineer?

I trust rare!

  1. Even machine with local engineers can’t run or can’t run stably in China. Some machines run 1 hours, repair 2 hours, waiting for spare parts in shortage 3 days.
  2. A foreigner comes to buy a stable machine with eyes closed. Can he be more skilled to purchase than local Chinese? In fact local Chinese users suffered a lot, because many machines were produced by non-qualified factories in a hurry.
    It is reported, some problematic machine drawings were hot selling on the Internet, and these drawings eventually turned into hundreds of failure mask making machines.
  3. Melt blown fabric is not easy to find, but you can find it more or less finally. But how to do what if the machine can’t work.
Stressed businessman

Key factors

The mask machine is short in length, narrow in width and simple in structural principle, but it is not easy to keep running well in practice. Whether it is an ultrasonic, a mechanical failure or an unreasonable design of the machine, it will cause the suspension of production or a complete pull-up. It is very embarrassing when thousands of dollars were saying hi every day and you couldn’t let them in.

1.Buy full automatic one? No, please don’t.

You don’t need know much. Everyone in our industry know one fact: most of people who bought fully automatic machines since the epidemic started can’t get them run till today.

One of new Oman client paid down payment to another factory for 2 sets of full-automatic and we sealed our mouths tightly not to hurt his heart.

Buy mask body machine + ear-band welding machine? Yes.

2.Ultrasonic failure

Almost everyday, various brands of ultrasonic boxes are sent for repairing in our factory.

old ultrasonic box

There were more than 100 sets in total, with various types of failures, and some burned out 5 minutes after being turned on. Not qualified ultrasonic may destroy your US dollars minimum 20,000 per day.

When the ultrasonic spares are seriously out of stock and costs highly, you can’t find spare one to change. Mingji repaired old ultrasonic box is better than the new one from some listed company (picture). Mingji factory is not a modern factory, but machine was the most expensive because it’s most stable for years. Mingji rely on quality for 22 years since its establishment in 1998. Its ultrasonic is super good with stable performance on the non-woven bag machine, because sonotrode on it hits harshly to steel anvil 100 times a minute

3. Melt blown fabric is too expensive

No matter what kind of failure causes the bad finished mask, a roll of fabric will soon be consumed after commissioning. If it fails frequently… you know clearly melt blown fabric are so expensive and difficult to buy.

4. Wrinkled fabric

Although there are only a few parts, the matching speed ratio of different units is not easy to maintain coordination all the way. If the tension is too large or too small, the finished mask is a defective product.

wrinkled mask

5. Nose bridge strip

The standard mask is 175mm in length and embedded nose bridge is 105mm . It need be constantly and accurately located in the middle, otherwise the cumulative error will cause the bridge of the nose to be misplaced and cut off.

Which supplier shall I choose?

Machine performance has nothing to do with the machine supplier’s production capacity, enterprise-scale or technology level, because they were not professional factories of surgical mask machine. How to make a qualified and stable machine when the machine drawings are temporarily bought from the market?

The best choice is from those factories that produced mask machines before. But they are fully occupied now and cannot take new orders anymore. Even they receive orders again in the future, delivery time is hard to believe, because they are full with Chinese local orders at overwhelming price. Most of them will postpone low profit orders and prefer to give new machines to who pay much more.

Under such circumstances, as a foreigner, you have to buy from those factories in the nearby industry. Among them, the most reliable factories are who have most stable mechanical design and ultrasonic system in the past and solid longtime experience to manufacture the whole machine.

We have no way to control the skyrocketing prices of upstream parts suppliers, nor can we convince anyone who buy the machines to sell masks very cheap, but we can support you and all people need face masks by supply a really stable machine.

Some tips:

* Stable is everything!
Famous brand spares parts may not perform better than ordinary parts on current mask machines. The most suitable one is the best one. Or everyone can produce good quality machine just buy machine drawing and expensive machine parts.

good appearance machine

machine from one listed company – elegant but not working

Elegant appearance of the machine doesn’t help. In pictures, a listed company produces machines according to the drawings of Japanese surgical mask making machines. Elegant! But it haven’t worked at all till today.

* If you have the technical ability to repair, you can buy a machine which you do not understand the quality, but please consult your local aftermarket whether spare parts are available.

* If you run the machine for 1 hours, repair it for 2 hours, please figure out how much you will lose in a day. We know on client, bought one cheap mask machine, saving $15,000. But he waste 3 days to make machine run normally.. lost $30,000 potential profit.