Hello everyone, I am MINGBY, born on August, 2019, a typically technical boy. Look at my name, MINGBY is actually very similar to the Chinese pronunciation of “understand”.


I MINGBY = I understand ~_~

MINGMING BYBY = very clearly

MINGBY decision = a decision which is done by well acquainted

This is exactly the purpose of my life: Sharing the information I know MINGMING BYBY so that you can MINGBY more and make MINGBY decisions.


Take copper as a mirror, I can tidy up my clothes;
Take people as a mirror, I will know what I do is right or not;
Take history as a mirror, I will know how the the things rise and fall.

– Emperor Tang

History of Suppliers on the Globe?

The automatic non-woven bag making machine that I concentrated to probe into originated in China, and China originated in Wenzhou.

At present, except for one factory in India and one in Turkey, all other machines are produced in Wenzhou. The machines in India and Turkey are all imitating Wenzhou machines. India’s manufacturing technology has a lot of room for improvement. The quality of Turkey is reliable, but the cost is high. Turkish machine hardware is slightly higher in China, its technology is generally at the domestic average level. By the middle of 2019, the two had been basically stagnant.

History of Chinese Suppliers

At the end of 2005, MJ which I stay developed the first automatic non-woven bag making machine, which is the earliest existing enterprise in the industry and the oldest in the industry.

In the past 10 years, from 60+ suppliers to a few today, 50 of them disappeared. Some of the rest have jumped from non-woven to others and back again and again. But MJ has been in non-woven bag making all the years. The value of MJ has been approved by market storm since years ago.

Why MINGBY is Born?

In the earliest years, we have the earliest customers in the non-woven bag making industry, some of which, after more than 10 years of development, have witnessed China’s change as the world’s largest non-woven bag market for these years. In China, the sales of MJ ordinary machines have been firmly in the top spot for many years, but many foreign friends still don’t understand or don’t know much about us, so we are willing to share some information and hope to help everyone.

MJ is so Limited

The articles published here just attempt to express. No matter from technical or manufacturing view, we are really not good enough. Although we are ahead of Chinese and international counterparts in technology, we are still shy on our technical level by contrasting with the countries with artisans spirit.


Every buyer wants the best quality machine but MJ may disappoint you. We divide the general quality of the machine by a succinct way into the following categories. This classification is not to devalue or value any country, but to respect the overall industrial manufacturing capability and technical strength of each country. (Precision parts [such as gears], semi-precision, rough – figure)

  • Made in Germany – Representation of the highest level in the world.
  • Made in Japan – Model of balancing quality and cost
  • Made in Taiwan – Following the foundation of Japanese manufacturing for decades, Taiwan leading(Change a word to mean: better than, or ahead of) the Chinese manufacturing industry for at least 10 years. Especially in the small industry segmentation of bag making and printing. But they don’t produce non-woven bag making machine.
  • Made in China – Level of non-woven bag making machine has been pushed to the world’s leading position because of the storm of plastics in China. Unfortunately the overall level of China’s machinery manufacturing and technology research and development: No.1 Not rigorous and serious; No.2 being lagged behind relatively.


All representative manufacturing countries, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and even all other countries have not started in this industry. The technology of Chinese bag making machines has matured, the cost is already low, and the profit margin is small.Those from above countries refuse to enter this industry. That is why almost all non-woven bag making machines are from China, all from Wenzhou. In the 20km radius, you can see all the producers in the world.

How should I generally evaluate the quality of machine

For the above reasons, those machines objectively present in the market is passively in a unsatisfying level. In other words, if Taiwan, Japan, and Germany manufacture the same machines, their technical level must be higher than that of China. At this point, all Chinese manufacturers know it well. You have to buy a machine with low quality.

How about Made-in-Wenzhou

At the same time, the characteristics of Made-in-Wenzhou in China are to reduce costs and compare the price harshly. The bag-making machine that can be bought in the market has formed a customary low-cost configuration and economical configuration.

What if I changed the parts to get better quality

Chang a stepper motor to a servo motor…
China-brand electric appliance to an internationally renowned brand…
Some parts are processed by CNC…
No, all these can’t fundamentally improve the quality of the machine.

In this case, the more convenient and stable solution can not have more right of speech in the market. There is no improvement, thus the machine is naturally not better. Without exception, all manufacturers did not improve the whole level of the machine.



–Turn on the lights, MINGBY articles will light you one by one!


  • Buyers yourselves?
  • Professional procurement?
  • Electrical or mechanical engineer?
  • The past operator of the PE bag making machine or him of the non-woven bag making machine?
  • Friends from your own country who stay in China and even can speak Chinese?
  • Chinese in your own country?
  • Some one in this industry from China?

Perhaps the best option is the last one!

If the advice he gives is objective, then cheers!


In the subsequent series of sub-theme series, I will try to discuss many topics.

  • Investment in non-woven bag production line…
  • Follow-up operation production…
  • New product development, etc.,

Combining with my own experience, customer experience, I will try to give advices on what I can, but I have very limited ability and know very little. From production technology, market analysis, feasibility study…Just hope these would be good for you. I also warmly welcome readers to leave a message or write a letter. Share your thoughts, you can also ask your questions, we will reply one by one as the earlist as possible.

This is not a leading company, nor a top company as well. What we have is limited in a little Leading technology. Here may be just a stop for you, but we are also willing to be one stop of yours. Being beneficial is not bad!

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