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Shall I invest in the production of masks? / Is it time to invest now? / What machine should I buy if I want to buy it?

If you have any of the above questions, the following article may help you.

Help! Surgical Mask Making Machine! -from an experienced and professional’s view

There are many stories and many experiences. Here we just focus on topic. I hope to use an article to get you see more and differently from an experienced and professional's view. If you have no time now, please just read the titles you need. SNOBBISH(EASY MONEY) We don’t advocate worship or excessive pursuit of money, but the profit of $20,000-60,000 a day is indeed rare in decades. When earning $60,000 in one day, it’s easy to buy a machine at $200,000 and get the investment back within 3 days. China price of mask [...]

MJFM-160 Non-woven Surgical Mask Making Machine

The machine is used for cutting and sealing 3 ply non-woven fabric. The cut sheet can be used as semi-finished product for producing face mask.

It is easy to install and configure by yourselves. And stable production with 160pcs/min.

And for stable and easy operation, we only recommend you this machine (without ear-band attaching function). Because, automatic ear-band attaching is not stable, and not easy to use. The most stable way is to do that by manual spot welding machine.

Item Specification
Production Speed 160pcs/min
Mask Width 95mm
Mask Length 175mm
Power Supply 220v 50Hz
Rate Power 3kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 3750*750*1700
Total Weight about 700kg
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