Briefly, there are three steps (–nowadays all of them can be finished automatically):

1. Non-woven fabric production
2. Surface processing
3. Bag making

STEP ONE – Fabric Production

Non-Woven Fabric Production Line

Non-Woven Fabric Production Line

  • Make non-woven fabric from PP granules.
  • There are kinds of different production method. For bags producing, the most common non-woven type is Spunbond.
  • Normally, the non-woven is white. And it can also be in other color by adding color master batch during the production.
  • Operating video

Auxiliary equipment

When making bags, especially making vest bags, there will be some waste (15%-20%waste for vest bag).
Installing recycling machine can effectively reuse this waste, reduce cost.

Auxiliry Equipment
Non-Woven Slitting Machine

Non-Woven Slitting Machine

  • The production line can also slit non woven fabric to certain size.
  • A separate slitting machine is required for fabric of different width. (Helping production line continuous and efficient production)

STEP TWO – Surface Process

When you got the non-woven fabric roll of certain size, you can make bags directly. You will get bags as followings:


Be more creative…


But you can do better!

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Flexo Printing
  3. Rotogravure/Flexo Printing (On BOPP Film) + Laminating
  4. Laminating + Embossing
  5. Laminating + Hot Stamping

Directly printing on the non-woven fabric.


And you can also printing on the laminated non-woven.


Do not doubt! It is printing by flexo printing machine. Just that simple!


Of course, also available for laminated non-woven.

3. Rotogravure printing + Laminating

Rotogravure Printing Machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

(Operating video: )


It is printed on the BOPP film first.

Non-woven laminating machine

Non-woven laminating machine

(Operating video: )


Because the non-woven surface isn’t plain, printing on it directly can’t get high printing quality.

By printing on BOPP film and laminating on non woven can solve this problem. You can print anything you want clearly on it!

4. Embossing (Only available on laminated non-woven)

Non-woven embossing machine

Non-woven embossing machine

(Operating video: )


 5. Hot Stamping (only available on laminated non-woven)

Non-woven hot-stamping machine

Non-woven hot-stamping machine

(Operating video: )


STEP THREE – Bag Making

There are different kinds of non-woven bags, and also different bag making machine for these bags.

The most common bags are as follow:

Shoes Bag / Drawstring Bag

Shoes Bag Drawstring Bag

D-cut / D-punch / Flat Bag

D-cut D-punch Flat Bag

W-cut / T-shirt / Vest Bag

W-cut T-shirt Vest Bag

Handle Bag

Normal Box Bag
(It required to be reversed)

One Time Forming Box Bag
(The Most Popular Bags in China)

MJNB600-800 - Automatic Nonwoven D-cut Bag Making Machine

D-cut bag making machine, suitable for shoes bag and D-cut bag making.

Added with PLC control automatic punching machine. You can also manufacturing W-cut bag.

Operating Video:

D-cut bag making machine with online handle attach

D-cut bag making machine with online handle attach, suitable for shoes bag, D-cut bag and handle bag making.

Box bag making machine with online handle attach

Box bag making machine with online handle attach, suitable for shoes bag, D-cut bag, handle bag, box bag and normal box bag making.

  • Operating Video:
  • When produce bags with handle, you are not only required to prepare material for bag, but also for handles.
    The width of handle material is only 40-60 mm, so the Slitting Machine is required for slitting non woven fabric roll to certain width.

Beyonder – the one time forming box bag making machine.

Box bag or free standing bag, is much more beautiful and popular than any other kinds of bag. Especially sought after by many big brands.

But from the beginning, the box bag need to be reversed manually, which increase much cost.

Shows as picture
(After reversed / Before reversed)

Until the launching of the 1st generation of one time forming box bag machine since 2010… … … Box bag can be manufactured full automatically!!

Through this 8 years of development. The Beyonder gets more and more mature, and production speed grew up to 80pcs/min.

Production costs have dropped significantly. Nowadays more than 80% of the bag machines in China market is the one time forming machine.

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