It is reported by Reuters, the President Martin Vizcarra of Peru proposed to phase-out the single-use plastic bags in 36months, and it is already passed by Peru’s Congress this new law.

Now, we are just waiting for the supreme decree which will approve this new law.


We also searched for more specific information from Peru’s local media in Spanish. Following is the translation Read the original

The culture of rational use of plastic is serious: stores, supermarkets, stores and shops charge for each plastic bag that deliver to the public “a sum equivalent to its market price.”

This is what the law that regulates the single-use plastic and disposable containers, published yesterday in the separate Legal Rules of the Official Gazette El Peruano.

The aforementioned establishments must progressively replace – within three years – the delivery of single use bags for reusable bags or whose degradation does not generate contamination.

Development and balance

Likewise, merchants of all types, without exception, must display in a visible place advertisements with an informative text in which they explain these changes to the consumer.

The purpose of the law, which has generated expectation among the citizens, is to achieve the right that every person has to enjoy a balanced and appropriate environment with the development of their life.

For this, it is essential to reduce the adverse impact of single-use plastic, marine plastic waste, river and lake, and other similar pollutants in human health and the environment, said spokesmen of the Ministry of Environment.

Among the actions of citizen education and environmental commitment, the new law promotes the dissemination of July 3 as the International Free Day of Plastic Bags and also declares Wednesday as the Plastic Recycling Day.

Between the prohibitions of the use of the plastic the terms that run from the validity of the law are determined. Thus, after 120 days, the acquisition, use or commercialization, as appropriate, of polymer-based bags and sorbets (such as strawberries, straws, straws or straws) and containers or expanded polystyrene containers for beverages and food for human consumption will be prohibited. The delivery of plastic bags or wrappers in printed advertising (newspapers, magazines or other press formats) will also be prohibited.

Other restrictions

In a period of twelve months, the manufacture for the internal consumption, import, distribution, delivery, commercialization and consumption of plastic bags will be prohibited.

Within 36 months, manufacturing for domestic consumption, importation, distribution and consumption, under any form, of polymer-based plastic bags that are not reusable and those whose degradation generate contamination by microplastic or dangerous substances will be prohibited.


“The new law of plastic paves the way to recover sustainable habits that we lost over time, such as shopping with a beautiful straw basket made by our artisans”, commented with optimism the renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, in a publication in your personal account on Twitter.

In 180 calendar days, counted from today, a supreme decree must be issued that will approve the regulations of this law. Said regulation should establish the mechanisms to evaluate the progressive reduction and the fulfillment of all the anticipated deadlines.

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