The machine is currently the most advanced non-woven cutting machine in our domestic market.

It can seal the handle in the process of cutting and with the 50-60pcs per minute of sealing, it can save labor, improve the efficiency and decrease the productivity cost. Professionally it is applicable to non-woven fabric cutting and folding, embossing, welding at one time as well, besides, it can be used for thin film, paper cutting materials. It is widely used in non-woven bag industry.

The machine is equipped with edge-folding, ultrasonic welding and slicing function which has such advantages like easy operation, high cutting accuracy, stable mechanism, low noise and so on. The motor frequency control the speed and count automatically. It can stop with alarm and has the function of tension control. It adopts the heavy and advanced knife to cut to make the fabric even without edge.

Item Specification
Max. Cutting Speed 50-60pcs/min
Max. Cutting Width 200-1200mm
Max. Cutting  Length 30-800mm
Thickness of Cutting 30*150g
Power 220V
Total Power 3kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 5800*2350*1800