The machine is used for cutting and sealing 3 ply non-woven fabric. The cut sheet can be used as semi-finished product for producing face mask.

It is easy to install and configure by yourselves. And stable production with 160pcs/min.

And for stable and easy operation, we only recommend you this machine (without ear-band attaching function). Because, automatic ear-band attaching is not stable, and not easy to use. The most stable way is to do that by manual spot welding machine.

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Or… Click here, read more about surgical mask making.

Item Specification
Production Speed 160pcs/min
Mask Width 95mm
Mask Length 175mm
Power Supply 220v 50Hz
Rate Power 3kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 3750*750*1700
Total Weight about 700kg

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