The machine can produce nonwoven D-cut bag, vest bag. It adopts LCD touch screen operation with steps of progress length setting.

It has photoelectric tracking, computer automatic positioning and computer automatic recticifing. It can use such industrial control device as automatic counting which can set the alarm and automatic punching to make its products steadily and beautifully.

Using this machine you can rest assured of environmental protection for high quality bag-making equipments.

Item Specification
Material Width 500-1300mm
Production Speed 40-120pcs/min
Bag Width 300-500mm
Bag Height 100-600mm
Bag Thickness 30-120gsm
Gusset 30-80mm
Power Supply 220v 50Hz
Total Power 9kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 8500*2000*2100
Total Weight about 2200kg

High Speed: The production speed can reach 120pcs/min, offering you the industry-leading productivity.

High Stability: Both machine performance and product quality are stable. The defective rate is only 0.1% under normal operation. Install our machine means gaining longer production time and lower defective rate than competitors.

Convenient : Easy to operate, one press positioning, triangle punching without matting film, automatic tension control. And only cost about 5 minutes to change production specification. Maximize your production efficiency.

Unique Ultrasonic Embossing System: Mingji’s exclusive rotary ultrasonic embossing, comparing other machines’ fixed base, can extend the life of the mold, reduce the material waste.

Unique Tension Control system: Mingji’s exclusive surface tension control, comparing others’ shaft tension control, can realize truly surface constant tension control. So that you don’t need to adjust when the material’s diameter goes small.