This machine is the most multi-functional and advanced equipment which is capable of making nonwoven D-cut handle loop bag, D-cut bag,vest bag.

It adopt PLC touch screen controller. And adjust bag size,loop handle size with computer automatically.

This machine is wildly used in packaging of costume, liquor, shoes and gifts areas.

Item Specification
Material Width 500-1300mm
Production Speed 40-120pcs/min
Bag Width 300-500mm
Bag Height 100-700mm
Bag Thickness 30-120gsm
Loop Handle Length 350-600mm
Loop Handle Thickness 40-130gsm
Total Power 13kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 12000*1850*1850mm
Total Weight about 2800kg

High Speed: 

When making box bag with handle attach, the production speed can reach 120pcs/min, offering you the industry-leading productivity.

* When operating with high speed, the handle is tend to be torn. Therefore it required thick handle material.

On Mingji machine, we maintain the material feeding speed while speed whole machine up, only required min. 40gsm material for making handle, save cost

High Stability: 

Both machine performance and product quality are stable. The defective rate is only 0.1% under normal operation.

Motor driven handle sealing, compares to pneumatic type, much more stable and longer service life, save cost.


Easy to operate, one press auto-positioning, triangle punching without matting film, automatic tension control. And only cost about 5 minutes to change production specification. Maximize your production efficiency.

Unique Ultrasonic Sealing System:

Mingji’s exclusive rotary ultrasonic sealing, comparing other machines’ fixed model, get 5 times durable.