At the beginning of the articles, MINGBY solemnly reminds readers not to underestimate these advantages, but to read slowly and clearly. Many friends are not familiar with the machine or the industry. Please read several times till you find how important these are.


As shown in the figure, the rotary sonotrode is continuously mechanically rotated by the motor when the ultrasonic wave is applied to the fabric. The reason being called rotary sonotrode is relative to all other non-rotating sonotrode.


Rotating all the time, there will be no dents on the ultrasonic horn. The folding teeth at bag mouth will be more strong. The contact point of the sonotrode run on a circle along the edge. Sonotrode rotate synchronously and push the cloth forward continuously. When sealing wheel turns forward, the resistance is very small, and it is not easy to wrinkle. With the intelligent adjustment of the triangle folding part feeding, the resistance of the cloth can be reduced to a minimum, and particularly the pulling force on the surface of the W-Cut cutting roller is smaller.


The folding at bag mouth and its roller need work always.

Therefore the sealing roller wears the contact points of the sonotrode all the time. Dents will appear on the surface very soon.

The actual life of the rotary sonotrode can 50 times of normal design.


After the indentation of all the non-rotating sonotrode, the position is slightly deviated, and the ultrasonic sealing is not strong.

In order to ensure the quality of the sealing, it is necessary to frequently change the contact point or increase the pressure. This operation has to make the dent more serious, and the sealing wheel wears more serious. It invisibly increases the loss of the sealing wheel and the sonotrode, wherein cost of ultrasonic horn is high

Non-rotary Sonotrode

Rotary Sonotrode


And better take it as soon as possible. Then expecting your competitor don’t take it.

1. Reduce Production Costs (W-Cut bags)

The part of W-cut bag model which has sealing roller with knife-cutting, the width of the trimming can be as small as 6mm. And it would be minimum 20mm by non-rotary sonotrode.

Especially for small gsm (gram/m2) fabrics, it can’t stand big stretching power. It causes more waste because more trimming must be cutting off.

For example:
35gsm for a single machine, rotary one saves more than $10,000 fabric every year.
For big gsm as Kenya, Tanzania’s new policy —- 70gms or more, rotary sonotrode save more than $20,000. Now you should remember: price of a machine is only $20,000(can use 10+ years). It means: If you keep staying in non-woven bag industry, you save $100,000-200,000 per machine.

Equivalent to throwing $35 a day to the toilet.

If your budget is tight, a saving machine should be the first choice;
If your budget is sufficient, the most expensive machine especially when it’s 40-50% more, take it. No possibility to get a similar machine with so big price difference.

2. Value-Added Lace at Bag Mouth

The sealing wheel can simultaneously cut out the lace when sealing bag mouth. You can have the profit brought by the differentiated competition, and the brand recognition is higher. If feeding several varied color fabric, the bag will be more different.

For sealing and cutting out lace at same time, is not easy to realize. But the pressure on the ultrasonic sonotrode will increase. That means sonotrode easier to worn. What’s more, it have higher requirements of sonotrode surface flatness. Slight dent will cause problem, either sealing not strong or weak cut off of lace shape. Therefor, rotary sonotrode are currently best option for that.

3. Quantity of Sonotrodes

For example: MJNW700 has two units of Sonotrodes at bag mouth processing part, and one unit at the sealing wheel with knife. 3 units on a machine make it necessary to apply rotary sonotrodes.

Sealing Wheel

The other sealing wheels are mounted onto a whole shaft, and the replacement is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

fixed lace roller

MJ’s independent sealing wheel save time and labor, which is solely applied to rotary sonotrodes.

flexible lace roller


Q1: Do you have a patent? Can I buy other brand machines and install a rotary sonotrodes?

A1: China is not a territory without patents, but a territory just has it only. Everyone is accustomed to copying and copying, one eye is closed if not copying too much. China’s current secular culture is to laugh at the poor and not the thief.

First, inventing a certain machine or a certain component, the benefits that can be obtained, the guaranteed rights are very limited. Be sure to keep it secret before you push it to the market. If you don’t grasp it well, it’s just to make wedding dress for others. It doesn’t have much value for current Chinese. Sorry if offending you, wedding dress means blessing to ex-girlfriend somewhere.

On the rotary sonotrodes, it is a special case. The imitation is costly and has an inherent technical threshold. The most familiar worker needs at least half an hour to disassemble it, showing the complexity of the mechanical structure inside. No one else can play it at the moment.

Q2: With a complicated mechanism being filled a rotating sonotrodes in, the price of the whole machine is high. Why shall we face high price every-time while we want to buy something from MJ?

A2: Chinese philosophy says:

Good is bad, bad is good

The same, expensive is cheap, cheap is expensive.

Rotating sonotrodes is much more durable, and its damage rate very low. In a long-term look, in fact, it is still cheap. Not to mention it have less problem.

In particular, the machines work far away from China and her language barrier. If I open a machine, I don’t want to stop. In some countries, the efficiency of workers is low, so we need a machine with high efficiency. In some countries, policy changes frequently, and it is necessary to grab time from the policies.

It’s visible that suppliers fight on price before you place the order;
Look, did you see they would fight on after-sales afterwards?
Why don’t you buy from the one who attempted before the sales?
Please recall how many words you typed in the service group of your former supplier?

Q3: Every single personnel tells his best quality, we are confused not by salesman jargon, but the reality!

A3: Mentioning good quality, we must be the one who are able to speak out, after all, the price is 40-50% higher. If we only discuss the rotary sonotrodes, the price is 200% higher. If the quality is not good enough to the customer. Why do we have to do these unpleasant and drive the buyer out of the door.

Every supplier wants the overall machine to be improved. But the reality: the rotary sonotrodes has being innovated for so long, no one grasps it today.

Surface tension control saves electricity, they don’t apply;

The main components of ultrasound should not be saved, they save;

The accessories inside are removed away, configuration is reduced, so cheap overall price of the machine is the inevitable result.

“Best price and quality” can be realized in the daily necessities, but the machine can not be realized and should not be realized. Because machine is the hen which gives birth to your golden eggs. If best price only, visible, invisible loss would be too much .