MJNBHF-700 Side Gusset Box Bag Machine, the new innovation in 2022.
Producing bottom seal box bag with side gusset and handle loop fully automatically.
We believe this type of bags is the new trend of eco-friendly package, and it will take place of light-weight box bags.
Benifit from its different working flow, it could produce box bags as thin as 30gsm (40gsm if lamination material), greatly reduce unnecessary cost for light-load usage bags such as cake bag, pizza bag, food takeaway bag, clothes bag, shoes bag etc.

Item Specification
Material Width 500-1200mm
Production Speed 40-100pcs/min
Bag Width 200-600mm
Bag Length 100-800mm
Bag Thickness 30-130gsm
Loop Handle Length 380-650mm
Loop Handle Center Distance 90-180mm
Loop Handle Thickness 40-130gsm
Side Width 60-160mm
Power Supply 220v 50Hz
Total Power 15kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 12500*2000*2100
Total Weight about 4500kg

High Speed: 

When making organ bag with handle attach, the production speed can reach 100pcs/min, offering you the industry-leading productivity.

High Accuracy:

Ordinary machine only adopt edge position control (EPC) on the unwinding unit.Mingji machine add EPC system on the handle sealing unit and material folding unit.Effectively eliminate most of possible errors under production. Greatly reduces the defective rate, and ensure the final bag very neat.

High Stability:

Motor driven handle sealing, compares to pneumatic type, much more stable and longer service life, save 30% compressed air consuming.

Unique Ultrasonic Sealing System:

Mingji’s exclusive rotary ultrasonic sealing, comparing other machines’ fixed model, get 30 times durable. Especially when produce laminated bags, the ultrasonic mould will wear out very fast. Sometimes even need to replace 1piece/month, that is $1,500/year.

And benefit from this rotary structure, it could also save 2%-8% trimming waste. If 1 set machine fully operating, it could produce 2million pcs bags per month, and Mingji machine could save up to 1ton waste, that is $1,800/month, means $21,600/year