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Why Choose Us

MJNB-1300 Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Mingji Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd., beginning in 1998.Lunched the first Non Woven Bag Machine from 2005Mingji is eldest brother among all these peers.
For more than 14 years, have always been focused on providing more stable and efficient machines, which makes Mingji widely recognized by both clients and competitors in the industry.Choosing Mingji, means choosing Easier operation, Higher productivity, Lower maintenance costs.

We Are Different

It is widely known that the ultrasonic system is the most important part of the non woven bag machine. And it is also the most prone to problems.

Therefore, Mingji has made many improvements in this part. That makes Mingji really outstanding!

Rotating Ultrasonic Model

Unique design on the ultrasonic sealing model. It is synchronous rotating with the sealing roller. This improvement makes the model 5 times durable.
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Rotating Model
And also less tension on material, which makes the width of T-shirt bag waste from 2-3cm to only 1cm. Saving 2%-5% cost !!

Self-developed Ultrasonic

All the ultrasonic system on Mingji’s machine are self-developed, special improved for non woven bag machine. More suitable, more stable, and lower maintance cost.

Ultrasonic power tubes (transistor) are one of the most important factors determining the quality of a ultrasonic generator.

Adopt the best transistor ( TOSHIBA 5570), greater load, more stable.

We even add more transistors in one generator, normally it is 8pcs in one generator. We use 12pcs or 16pcs.

Stronger Ultrasonic Model

Improving the diameter of round model (on folding part) from 50mm to 100mm — which means 4 times of volume

Improving the thickness of rectangle model from 25mm to 30mm.
Extra Thick Ultrasonic Model

Stronger Flexible Cutter

It adds spring will be more flexible and durable than normal cutter.
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Slant Cutter

Slant cutter, 1.6cm height difference between two end. Ensure cutting effect


Horizontal side inserting

The material is pulled out horizontally, compares to vertical design, less resistance, less tension.

Horizontal side inserting

Mingji Special Sealing Roller

Special structure, easy to adjust, easy to replace.

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Extra Correcting Motor

With this motor, you can adjust the triangle folding part just sitting there while you collect bags.
Very convenient and more precise than manual adjust.

Extra Correcting Motor

Unique Lace Bag Mouth

With Mingji’s special design, this type of lace bag mouth is also available.(Not only handle bags, but also D-cut and Vest Bags)

Makes you more competitive.

Unique Lace Bag Mouth

Surface Unwinding Control

Magnetic powder device control the material tension by rubber roller, while others use it control the air shaft of which can’t control the material surface tension properly. 

By this Mingji exclusive design, save power, and also reduce material surface tension.

Surface Unwinding Control
Taking advantage of this smart tension control, Mingji machine can save 30%-50% electricity compares to others. (which means saving 5,000USD electricity cost)

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