The beyonder is our latest design. It can directly forming nonwoven or nonwoven with laminated box type bag with handle loop automatically. The finished bag no need to be reversed.

It has high efficiency, less workers, low production cost, repeated use. It mainly for production of tobacco wine bags, soft drinking packaging bags, gift bags, advertising bags and other nonwoven bags.

Item Specification
Material Width 1150mm
Production Speed 20-80pcs/min
Bag Width 230-480mm
Bag Height 220-390mm
Bag Thickness 70-150gsm
Loop Handle Length 350-600mm
Loop Handle Thickness 40-100gsm
Side Width of Box Bag 90-180mm
Power Supply 380v 3P4N
Air Supply 1.2m³/min, 1.0Mpa
Total Power 30kw
Overall Size L*W*H(mm) 9000*4750*2780
Total Weight about 10,000kg

Save Space: Unique “U-shape” structure, shorten length from 12meters to only 9meters.

 Stable performance: Unique mechanical structure, strong material, mature control system will bring you very stable operating experience.

Self-developed ultrasound system: Adopts Imported power tube and adopts 24pcs tubes for key parts (normally 12pcs), which will make ultrasound system very high stability. And because it is self-developed, it will also reduce lots of maintenance costs.

Convenient Operation: Unique material feeding route and special final forming mold makes it easy to position bag center, reducing 50% material changing time; Computer controlled mold adjustment, reducing 1-2hours when changing mold for different size of bags.

High Speed: The speed can reach 100pcs/min. For more durability we only recommend you operating it under 80pcs/min which is already the industry-leading high speed.